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ISS is one of the world's largest workplace service providers. They service a range of large enterprises in 40+ countries. Together with their team, we defined a content governance model and redesigned their corporate website across all markets.


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Introducing Solde, a coffee company with a difference. Their coffee bags are designed to be eye-catching and unique, using character illustrations and bright colors. But that's not all that makes Solde special. They only source coffee that is traceable to the farmer, the farm or the washing station. This means that Solde knows there are good working conditions for all involved and the environment is managed sustainable way. It's a little more expensive but a lot tastier in the cup and it's also good for the soul. So why not try Solde coffee today and taste the difference?


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Abzu was born from a desire to challenge the fundamental assumptions of contemporary AI. They aim to completely rethink how AI systems should work, drawing on inspiration from quantum physics and self-organising systems in nature. We helped them transform into a brand that matches their vision through workshops and close collaboration.


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Denmark's leading provider of POS (point of sales) systems that support efficient omnichannel customer experiences for well known retail brands and merchants. They needed a new approach to their POS design and the overall vision for their backend and store management software.


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Usertribe (now Sonar) empowers its clients with valuable user insights. Their platform covers everything from recruiting users, facilitating remote tests and processing raw data. They bring wisdom to their clients through smart tagging, translations, and quotes. We helped them transform great ideas into reality and delivered concept work and design components for their team to implement.

The Royal Danish Library

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The Danish Royal Library is on a mission to document and give the people access to Danish cultural heritage. They cover every format imaginable, from books & magazines, over multimedia formats to odd artefacts such as beer capsules. We transformed their innovative strategy and beautiful identity into flexible and applicable digital design components.

Good Monday

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All your office and workspace management needs and services on one platform, in one place. Get started today and make every day a Good Monday.

The Danish Meteorological Institute

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Digital strategy, app design, and weather icons for The Danish Meteorological Institute, the premium provider of weather forecasts for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.


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Rejseplanen is on a mission to make it easier for travellers to get from A to B within Denmark. No matter the means of transport. Be it classic public means of transport like trains and busses or privately operated carsharing schemes or planes, Rejseplanen wants to be the primary platform for all travelling Danes.

Nordea Markets

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Closing the gap between business and IT for ​Nordea Markets, a leading international capital markets operator and investment banking partner in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions. We designed their markets and trading platform experience for small and medium-sized segments.


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As touchscreen interfaces become more frequent in cars, so do the dangers of driver distraction. We designed and built an interactive prototype that aimed at solving that problem through Senseg's innovative technology.


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This is Kniven, a limited edition, handmade knife manufactured by Otter Messer in collaboration with Blixt & Dunder and released in a limited run in 2013. Even though our DNA is digital, we love to work with physical design when the opportunity arises.