Empowering businesses through a scalable insights platform

Usertribe empower their clients with user insights, offering best in class remote testing covering everything from designing studies, recruiting users, to processing raw data and bringing insights to their clients.

Usertribe has launched an insights platform to enable their clients to explore findings within and across user studies. We joined their development team and facilitated the design process from sharpening priorities to designing visual elements for the platform.

The challenge

The customer experience has become the number one differentiator in a competitive market of online service tools (SaaS), and being able to offer scalable solutions to clients to cater for different business needs is alpha omega.

When developing a new service or product, scaling internal UX and Design resources while keeping a lean organisation often becomes a challenge for many startups and SaaS companies. They are faced with the dilemma between spending precious time and budget on recruiting inhouse or hiring an external agency with the risk of losing control over the product.

This was the case when Usertribe reached out to us to get support in designing the first version of their platform. They needed some extra muscle power to accelerate the design process while still keeping the product ownership.

Our role

Over a few months, we joined Usertribes own team of skilled business and tech developers. In close collaboration with stakeholders, we facilitated strategic scoping workshops, sketched out ideas, wireframed flows that were then user tested on their own platform - and finally delivered a design library of modular elements to build and develop their service on. Today we assist their development team and internal UX and Designers when extra (wo)manpower or input is needed.

The solution

Usertribe has launched the first version of the platform including the core of their value proposition - searchable insights shown as text and video quotes tagged with background info about the user as well as included topics for further exploration. The design delivery is modular so that Usertribe can easily scale the platform offering further features and flows that fits the needs and requests of their clients.