Kurb Caps

Handmade cycling caps

Kurb Caps is a mother and son company that sells handmade cycling caps. Blixt & Dunder developed the identity and name as well as the simple packing design.

Kurb Caps is probably the world's smallest cycling cap brand, run by barista and biker Dan Stenqvist and his mother Britt who makes all the caps in the family home in Säter, Dalarna

The Story

The idea that became Kurb Caps was born on a night in 2009 when barista Dan Stenqvist rode his bike home from work in Malmö. He wanted something different than what everyone on the market was offering, so he decided to ask his mother to help develop and produce an alternative line of cycling caps. His mother, Britt, brought out her old sewing machine in the family home in Säter and together they started designing their caps. After numerous prototypes, they had the look that they wanted. Dan and Britt decided that the first line of caps would carry kurbits patterns. But they needed a name and a logo, so they asked us at Blixt & Dunder to come up with one. We suggested the name Kurb Caps, flirting with the words curb and kurbits and presented Britt and Dan with a simple but sustainable logo and a set of simple brand guidelines. The logo was based on lettering that you can find in old Swedish cupboards and furniture, often decorated with kurbits motives. The family loved the simplicity of it all and the rest is as they say history.