Organic underwear for men

Gässling is a Malmö based company that makes underwear for men who have grown tired of underwear targeted towards teenagers.

The brand is aimed towards men for whom not only quality but the heritage and production process matter. The organic cotton is sourced in India, and the underwear is produced in the EU. The focus is on producing high quality underwear while reducing the industrial carbon footprint.  

The story

Gässling means duckling in Swedish and stands for the comfortable and soft feeling of the underwear against the skin. Skania, where Malmö is situated in, has always been famous for the great variety of its native birds, thus the company wanted to incorporate the culture into the brand through the name.

The logo is framed with a hexagon which can be turned into a pattern for e.g. packaging paper or the inside of envelopes. The Gässling logo has a simple format but is still flexible, so it can be applied in many different settings.