The next generation of AI is transparent and trustworthy

Abzu has reimagined artificial intelligence to completely change the way problems are solved. Introducing traceable and shared insights and a new standard of interpretability.

Founded in February 2018, Abzu is an applied research startup with offices in Copenhagen and Barcelona. Abzu was born from a desire to challenge the fundamental assumptions of contemporary AI. They aim to completely rethink how AI systems should be constructed, drawing on inspiration from quantum physics as well as from self-organising systems in nature.

With this mindset, Abzu has developed a new groundbreaking AI technology: A QLattice - a device that allows the user to extract artificial intelligence models dynamically as questions arise, and which can be updated and automatically adapts to new knowledge, much like a physical brain. If you want all the nerdy details, go read about a QLattice over at Abzu.

The Challenge

Abzu has been using its technology for selected in-house projects over the past year. They were now ready to launch its solution to a much wider audience, but how do you communicate an entirely new AI technology to not just data scientists, but also to people with limited AI knowledge? And how do you brand yourself as a friendly, but professional team of nerds that are passionate about innovating creative solutions to like-minded nerds?

The Solution

During our research and workshops, we quickly saw that Abzu is something very novel in the field of AI. They have a bold new way of thinking, and their thinking needed a bold identity to match.

Their new identity is therefore based on a set of colours inspired by how python code is formatted in code editors, the visualisation of a 3D lattice, and a monospaced type developed for developers. Mix all this, and a bunch of animated GIFs and you have Abzu!

Our role

In just 2 months, we worked with Abzu to refine their offering, rebrand them, design and develop a new website, design a service dashboard, and launch the first iteration of it all, wonderfully coded by our good friends Shift.

Art Direction
Visual Design
Creative Direction
Motion Design
UX Design

Project management and facilitation
UX Strategy
Brand development

Front-end development
CMS integration