Why being authentic is the next winning Customer Experience strategy

According to studies, the ability to provide excellent Customer Experiences is going to be the number one brand differentiator over price and product by 2020. That is good news for us who has built a career on helping businesses transform products and services into customer experiences. But is it always good for the customers?

Party testing - 5 tips on how to engage users and get valuable insights while getting tipsy

This isn’t your ordinary process article on how to recruit for a user test or how to get the most valid results from it. No, this is how we turned a party into a test lab to quickly gather user insights.

How to pick your wireframing tool

Wireframing tools build the bridge between creative thoughts and the final product. Wireframing can help illustrate ideas and structures in early design stages (low fidelity), simulate interactions, help present a concept and a design later in a design process (high fidelity).