We design what matters

We help companies build valuable services and experiences to accelerate their digital transformation and innovation.

Project types

We can run full scale digital projects from strategic kick off to launch, or function as consultants within the fields of user experience and visual design. We build upon experience from a wide range of industries, project types and setups, and we always adjust our way of working to benefit your needs.

Project examples
Web/app/software development projects
Service design
Strategic sparring and consultancy
Research and user testing

Strategy and insights

Understanding and unfolding your business challenge is key to make sure we frame the problem right before moving into solution mode. We engage key stakeholders and conduct user research to understand both the business goals, the user goals and the context we design for. We tailor the research ambitions to your project and budget and reuse existing material if available.

Desk research
User testing
Analyzing data (e.g. Google Analytics)

Workshops with stakeholders
Journey mapping (as is)
Content strategy


When the challenges and opportunities has been investigated and project goals prioritized, we conceptualize possible solutions and ideas. We create visual examples (aka stimuli) to be able to discuss the direction with stakeholders and test with users before headning into design details and implementation.

Concept work
Journey mapping (to be)
Creative direction
Content samples


We test and validate concept(s) with internal stakeholders as well as external users. We offer user testing as part of a project or as a stand alone offering. We strongly recommend to conduct repeated testing during development and after launch.

User testing and stakeholder review
Concept testing (lab/remote)
Usability testing (lab/remote)
Co-creation workshops
Stakeholder feedback workshops

Design and content

We believe every solution should be intuitive and pleasant to use. Besides a great concept, visual design and strong content is essential to achieve success with your product or service. We design to support and strengthen the user experience. Our approach is to balance simplicity, modularity and a strong identity.

Detailed element design (modular)
Copy writing (partners)
Illustration (partners)
Visual identity (or translation of offline to digital identity)


We work closely together with developers, whether it is your own team or one of our technical partners. We specify our work through user stories, use case descriptions and element based design that is easy to implement. We offer assistance in identifying the best technical platform for the solution at hand. If you don’t have an internal team, we develop the solution in collaboration with our technical partners.

User stories and use cases
Design style guides

Front end development (partners)
Back end development (partners)
Technical sparring